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Three Weeks Guided Tour Around Bulgaria €2100 - 21 Days


Three week authentic tour around Bulgaria is the best tour to choose and you can see it all. We will take you all around Bulgaria to explore its beauty, exotic and character.




Small group up to 10-12 people

  • 21 Days and 21 night
  • 21 Hot buffet breakfast
  • 19 Sleep over in a hotel 2/3/4 star air conditioned, clean and comfortable
  • 3 Sleep over Home stay
  • 3 Diners at Home stay
  • 2 Picnic lunches
  • Experienced  Tour Leader
  • Fees for all entries and activities described in the tour
  • Transport  all around Bulgaria with clean air conditioned, comfortable mini bus

Please note:
We will be chasing the folklore festivals and culture events around our road as they change trough the year and small changes of the tour may be made as we think you can’t be on our tour without experiencing one of them.
That will not effect all of Above but may affect some overnight stay but only for better !

Extras if you like to add to your trip:

  • One Day city Tour in Sofia €120
  • Half a Day city Tour in Sofia €90
  •  Single room at  €45 a night
  • Flight over Sofia €99 -25 min
  • Flight over Seven Rila lakes – €225- 1.15 hour

Day 1

Arrive in Sofia 

Meet your guide and the rest of the   group in your hotel at 5 pm 

Diner – get to know each other

Day 2

Visiting the famous Rila monastery which is located not very far from Sofia and after that going to Sapareva Banya  for over night! The little town is know for the healing and hottest  mineral water and the only active hot gazer in the Balkans. 

It is very popular overnight stay for everybody hiking The seven Rila lakes.

Day 3

Seven Rila Lakes trek

This is a huge highlight for every Traveller and a must see sight in Bulgaria. 

Nature is absolutely amazing, exposing stunning views over the seven lakes situated in Rila mountain at 2100m and 2500 m above sea level. 

All of them have different names matching their shape. 

The sight is know as the place where the spiritual white  brotherhood are gathering for their dance/ exercise, meditation, lectures and connecting to nature.  

Day 4

Visiting lake Dospat, which is the one of the largest in Bulgaria 19km long and 1km wide. 

It is at 1200 meters above see leave. 

You can choose and  enjoy   Various activities there, like a boat trip, pedal boat or  gets. 

In a short distance we will take you to see Yagodina cave.

The cave is spectacular and the 45 min trip inside its womb is exiting and mystical.

The over night stay is in Yagodina  village or Trigrad  (home stay ) 

Please be prepared for many exiting culture experience and surprises. 

Day 5

Hiking the Devils path

After seeing the stunning beauty of majestic Rila mountain, now it is time to take you to the magical, 

Indescribable and  amazing Rodopi mountain.

You can’t see it only with your eyes. You do feel that mountain and connect with nature in such a deep level that you did not know existed. 

The trek is challenging but no physical   preparation need it before hand.

After the trek, off you go on a back of Jeep climbing the mountain roads towards the Eagle eye spot. 

There is builded platform on a rock formation at 1600 m above see level.

The view is breathtaking! 

Day 6

Visit to yet on other famous, beautiful and historical monastery in Bulgaria.

Bachkovo    Monastery is such a popular tourist place for foreigners and Bulgarians that quite of a local market is taking place in the surroundings. You can literally find all what the locals produce and gather like  variety of herbs and wellness tea, ceramic traditional pots , wild fruits jam and many more local goodies.

Follow a visit to Asenova fortress which is well preserved ruins of medieval fortress

A local guid will tell you all about it. 

Early evening you will arrive in Plovdiv which is the second biggest city     in Bulgaria. 

The night live is adventures, entertaining and full of local pubs, shows, posh restaurants, clubs and more.

Day 7

All day is site seeing in Plovdiv, where the time is never enough!

You will want  to come back and stay there at least a week!

Plovdiv is choosen to be the European capital of culture for 2019!

… the old part of the town, the ancient  roman ruins, the market streets, the twist between modern way of living and old fashion  life stile of the locals…. And much, much more 

Day 8

Living Plovdiv in the morning the day will be spend in Short trips to varies interesting sightseeing like the Stone Mushrooms formation, The ancient Thracian Fortress Perpericon and local bee farm. Sleep over in Haskovo where you can enjoy local pubs with traditional folklore music and food.

Day 9

This day you are going to be very busy and exited.
Starting with the visit to a Thracian Tomb you, will gather some more knowledge about the ancient Thracian civilization, of which the day before you did have a glimpse. Stopping for a short break after that you will see a Russian design church, a national monument on top of a hill with stunning view. Having late lunch in a National town reserve you can explore the magical atmosphere of the past. Late afternoon you will finally arrive in the famous Veliko Tarnovo and enjoy the night light show of the Castle fortress.

Day 10

Spend the day and Veliko Tarnovo end explore the beautiful city full with his own character.
You will fell in love with it and without more been said we will live you to discover it for your self.

Day 11

Finally, you get to the beach…This day your trip will take you to Varna.
This is the Black sea capital of Bulgaria. You can keep yourself busy with the museums, the see garden, the authentic old Bulgarian camp, which we highly recommend or rest by the beach and enjoy for a day the proper 5-star holiday. You are going the be busy in the evening as well as Varna’s night life will going to tempt you with its parties and entertaining.

Day 12

See the famous Madar Horse rider, visit the old capital of Bulgaria and the museum of Cyrillic alphabet.
sleep over is a home stay in a local village. It will be adventure.

Day 13

Today you will explore the Rock monastery, take a short trip on a boat on Danube and sleep over in Ruse.

Day 14

In the morning you will take a short trip to a small town cuddled in the skirts of The old mountain. You will have plenty of time to visit Troyan Monastery, to explore the market street and to enjoy a drink in the local pubs.

Day 15

Coming from the small mountain town of Troyan and going to bigger city Pleven will make you wander what you prefer. Pleven is busy and a lot of activities are available for you to choose from.

Day 16

Hopefully you will be well rested after a good sleep and you can hick the Belogradchik Rocks.

They are famous Rock formation worth exploring and after that you will visit the must see Magura cave with its ancient cave paintings.

Day 17

In The morning after having your breakfast your driver will take you to Varshets. This is small town again but very famous for its hot mineral water and because of it is a popular destination to go to. This is the day when you can relax in a hot mineral water swimming pool with your cocktail, enjoy spa day, have a massage and so on what a 5 star holiday can offer, or if you prefer to go ahead and find out all about Varshets , then you can visit the Eco park, Ledenika cave or take a day trek around.

Day 18

Today you will visit and sleep over in a very beautiful small and historic town Koprivstitsa which is one of the most characteristic towns in Bulgaria. You will be back in 19 century. A lot to see and explore.

Day 19

The 19th day of your trip you will visit and sleep over in Velingrad. This is again very famous small town with its hot mineral water. Eco walks available, spa days and much more…

Day 20

This day you will spend in Bansko. Bansko is full of charm, very popular skiing resort, summer mountain holiday resort and option of many activities is available and will be ofered to you on the day.

Day 21

This day is last of your tour and you will be back to Sofia and have the afternoon to explore a bit.

Remember that you can always book a extra day to stay and ask for help your tour leather where to go and what to see in the capital of Bulgaria.

  • Price do not include your flight ticket in and out of Bulgaria!
  • Price do not include the extra activities you will choose to take on your tour
Price From EUR € 2,500 EUR  2,100/person
Total 2,100 EUR