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Who are we?

We are two good friends who share a love of traveling, exploring, learning and having a good time. We share the same vision of life, work, positive thinking and a ‘Can Do’ attitude.  We are fortunate to work at what we love and are very proud of what we do. We aim to radiate out our passion for life and our dream is to see our vision alive, expanding, growing, involving more people with a similar way of thinking and creating a happy environment all around us.

Our vision?

It is very simple! We want to be happy and fulfilled. We want others to be happy and fulfilled. Our goal is to find the Way and Be.

When we do what we love, we gain strength from our work.  When we face a challenge, we learn, and we find a way to resolve it.  When one of us is down, the others are there to lift, to love and to share.

Why are we different?

We don't give up!

We care!

We love!

We will always take the extra step. We find satisfaction in bringing joy and happiness to others.

How did we get together?

We were living and working in London. When we met we felt connected immediately. We knew if we combined our qualities, something good would be born. We are citizens of the world by spirit and Bulgarians by our blood, and by combining the love for both we are working towards our dream.

Diyana Gospodinova
Petya Koleva

Why Book with Us

We care! We want you to have best tour possible! We love travailing just like you!

100% Customizable

Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

Local Experts. Middle-man Free Pricing

We're a local travel agency. When you book with us, you get best possible price, which is middle-man free.

No Hidden Charges

We don't add hidden extra cost. You get what you paid for and more...

We are ...

DiPiKo.LTD- Tour operator.
The company is registered in Bulgaria at address: Haskovo city, Vetren street-3. We run the website and the company from England and our contact phone numbers are UK phone numbers.
The company registered number is 204992606
We are Licensed Tour operator with much passion for travels.

Our Tours are......

Best Selection of Trips

Best Selection of Trips

Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

Expert Assitance

Expert Assitance

Guaranteed Departures

Guaranteed Departures

Eco Friendly Tours

Eco Friendly Tours

Best Culture Tours

Best Culture Tours

Bulgaria is the oldies country in Europe. Discover its ancient culture with our tours. We will show you the real Bulgaria.