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Bulgarian Rose Damascena

In Bulgaria the Rose is not just special, it is sacred ! It is not just activity to berry the famous Damscena Rose, it is cult... We worship the days in the end of May and in the beginning of June, because they are of the most expected and sweetheart ones . It is not that the rose oil from Bulgaria is so famous and expensive like gold and people all around the world are coming to see the whole process of its extraction, it is to dress in Bulgarian traditional dress and to be thankful to our fruitful lands, to our aroma fields.... It is to become part of Mother Nature, to be grateful for the beauty that create, to breath with whole breast the damask scent... These days of the year are so special, so full with traditions and adoration not because of the product - the extraordinary rose oil, but because in these days we feel connected with our ancestors, we are listening to our roots, we thank the Earth for its wonders, we sing songs and cherish life. The rose is so enormous gift for our land that we have made new traditions our children will follow. Take a look of some pictures and join us, so we can share with you our love, smile and hospitality.

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