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Three Of The Best And Cheap Holidays In Bulgaria

It can be disheartening to look for holidays as the prices of flights, accommodation, food and drink rip your budget to shreds. However, there are always ways you can make the most of your precious holiday time while exploring and adventuring somewhere new.

By making your new trip to Bulgaria and you will be sure to return next year with another magical place to tick off your list. That list may start off with a beach holiday in Varna or a city break in Sofia but it will be certain to get longer and longer until you have explored it all, especially when you choose our cheap holidays to Bulgaria.

Our team at Travel Around Bulgaria are proud to have a wide range of tours which come inclusive with everything you need for a great stay. If you, your friends or your family are looking to discover some of the best hidden treats of the Balkan world, we have a range of cheap and affordable guided tours in Bulgaria to help you unearth the beauty that lies from city to coast and mountain to countryside.

Here are three of our affordable holidays in Bulgaria that could be ideal for your group:

  1. Discover Bulgaria: A guided tour for one week around some of the best sights in Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and Bansko encompassing skiing, castles and cities perfectly.
  2. Guided Tour Around Bulgaria – One Week: Get to grips with Bulgarian culture as you eat, hike, trek and explore the natural world of Bulgaria. Local cuisine and traditions are entwined through the seven days you spend with us.
  3. Guided Tour Around Bulgaria – Two Weeks: Folklore festivals and cultural shows are included in the two weeks as you discover some of the most famous highlights of Bulgaria from tombs and monasteries to beaches and the Danube, it includes all the most important elements of being Bulgarian.

To discover more about our guided tours at Travel Around Bulgaria, get in contract with us.

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